6 thoughts on “So You want to Change Categories/Attributes of a Object in livelink via CWS ?

  1. Appukili: I would like to have the SNIPPETS. I am using PowerShell and C# to automatize some task in out CS Admin tasks. Thanks so much for any help

    1. Are you saying you would like to see my C# code snippet on manipulating categories in Livelink or something else?

      1. yes I would like to see your C# code snippet on manipulating categories in Livelink

      2. Pls let me know if you can see this link this is a word document in my google drive
        This second link is the C# file to the above word document
        I say on the word document that you have to have a small idea of what you are doing
        Try doing it though the GUI to understand
        Generic code can be written but since I am doing this pro bono I put the onus on the reader to understand this

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