Today I just chanced to see a post where somebody could not get the famous AddressBook module working.This module was part of the Oscript documentation and is usually introducing the user to the various concepts livelink programming entails.Like a “Hello World” for Oscript :).I thought of helping the person and the person had deleted the post.which was originally here  He later removed it because many people do not want to appear wrong.However there is no harm in asking or being wrong.failedaddressbook


Anyways I had done this for another friend so releasing into public domain here….

I did not fix many problems in the module so it is a challenge to the person doing it that is how I learned:)


4 thoughts on “AddressBook

  1. Hi, I am new in this area, starting to do Oscript’s Hello world recently using version 20.1
    I found that the newer version no longer need to create setup scripts.
    but if I follow the old guide, there are many setup 0 script and 1 script.
    Eventually I came across to your blog, it helps a lot.
    I am writing this to send my appreciation for your sharing.

    1. In old Oscript there was a module we all used to do called “Make New Module” it was a set of good statements that a great Oscript programmer had done and released for the public. I think Martin Scott.see that script here When OT removed builder and started the plugin around 10 years back they adopted that into their design. essentially Oscript hasn’t changed much to Oscript developers in fact version 7 code will still work in 21. In fact, GCI builds with builder and ports that to different versions. Advanced oscripters also use other editors like Ferdinand Prantl. Lack of good samples and by and far very few developers adopt oscript to do work is the reason why frustration creeps in.

      1. Oh no, I cant believe you are replying in 2021. Thanks a lot.
        I would learn more about Web Report, could you suggest some resources?

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