Take Some REST

Open Text Programming has gone modern now we have REST in abundance. developer.opentext.com is a self registering site and most of Content Server a.k.a Livelink is hidden very carefully under a heading. Unless you are an advanced programmer who knows how to create dummy responses to REST API Requests most of us will require a working livelink system without which the free site only serves as reference documentation. I wish the POST of the website actually worked on the other side with some carefully crafted mechanisms. In contrast look at the OTDS offering. It gives you access to do it live in one’s OTDS using curl.

The OT Developer Site

Shortcomings perhaps OT can easily fix!

Most of the time developers who know languages and have a general idea about modern technologies get frustrated very easily as they expect modern methods like Google ,Bing, Github etc. to get easy to understand examples and re-purpose. The problem with the OT REST API is it does not level set expectations at all. To draw an example consider when OT moved form a mature LAPI to the CWS Programming .There were Programming examples that included setup of one’s environment in Java or .NET, there were 3 or 4 most common tasks across Livelink a.k.a Content Server .Fast Forward to REST about 6 years earlier than before OT programmers showed use of POSTMAN and common tasks. Just like one day communities vanished OT retired the entire code snippets an voila a brand new website as above beautiful to look at but hardly useful. I cannot fully understand Swagger documentation maybe since I haven’t spend any time learning it. It is akin to looking at JavaDocs doesn’t/wouldn’t ring a bell to the “Accidental Programmers”.



Use of the SmartUI is the best debugger. The REST API is what the SmartUI is written in so if you know debugging with Fiddler or Network tools that is the simplest way one can progress in a timely manner. In many questions posed here when I get time all I do is look at in SmartUI and tell the forum how to do it.


One cannot stress the usefulness of this tool for e.g. one can do what is OT Swagger saying with this and straightaway extrapolate the code .If modern programmers do not know this what a REST API does is send a payload(including headers) to a website(Livelink is a web application) so using HTTP one can even use TELNET to talk to the server 🙂

Implementation Notes of REST API as written in developer.opentext.com

Is it correct Yes absolutely would a novice programmer understand it ?questionable. Does everyone understand what a Header is as the entire REST is basically authenticated in other languages(software packages) by a API Token.

Creating a Node a Document

Some one in OT just took code in a Postman snippet and sanitized it ,does it tell you how to add a File ? This was not the case some time back .It had good instructions on how to do the Rest queries using POSTman.

Recent Postings that I contributed

These are links in my Personal Workspace in OT KB so you need a active license to see it.

If anyone likes to see them in Google Docs comment I can make that happen

WF REST API EXPERIMENTS.docx” This code shows how to get attachments in a Initiated workflow. There are almost no official examples except a discussion thread that serves as a community collaborated example.

JAVA REST API EXPERIMENTS .docx” This is code which I show that does not use any REST Clients but rely on POJO. Actually shows attaching a document through multipart-formdata.


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