The Cobra Post

Moral Turpitude,

Rather than try to write her actual name Devayani Kbobragade we Indians or naturalized seem to come up with easy to pronounce american western names.I chose my indian nickname of Appu  which is not my official name.So I have Peter who is actually Pramvir,Mike who is no where near mike and so on.So let us dub her Cobra for shortness sake.

The hullabaloo has gone viral but here’s what the Cobra case will finally entail

  1. Because of extreme money and political standing it will look like US would have won but they will make it look like both sides have one.I am more or less reminded of how my father used to say this when we were kids .My father Achan, enjoyed a particular game of cards popular in kerala called 56.The intend of the game is to start a bidding war and try to win the bid .Assume my Achan’s opposite team bid 44 clubs and my Achan’s team could not defeat them by securing 13 more points ,then when I was standing near him and learning I would say dad you lost,but he would correct me and say no they won.Almost Zen like .So that is what will happen here US wins and India Wins
  2. Who lost-The poor Maid who the Indian Diplomat screwed literally.Also a bunch of Indian people who wants to rock the boat like the Aam Aadmi Party but would like the vip treatment to go on
  3. Why is it justful -Because US diplomats do not want to go to Indian jails for breaking arcane laws.We don’t even have good toilets in lockups/prisons let alone good ones for non criminals.We may do cavity searches but may not have gloves or it could be used ones.

So Cobra will get out scott free and it will really be point #3 of my blog that opens the eyes of the US diplomats

There isn’t a good proverb in english to say this but the closest I can put here

Heres’ the real one in malayalam “Aarante Ammakku Pranthu Vannal Kaanam Nalla Rasam”

Which roughly can be like “kick the can down the road”. The literal translations is basically it is rather fun to watch if someones mother not my mother is gone postal.





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