Chrome and Livelink 9.7.1

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When you want to download a file from livelink using Chrome the file will  download as the script name which is more than inconvenient to the user.Imagine I see a file called Cop code changes of importance.docx sitting in my livelink. I download it via llisapi.dll  or livelink.exe. The download file is called livelink.exe or llisapi.dll how stup** is that

It is a given that most corporate will only use IE but still a lot of people use other browsers. I use firefox or chrome just to prove that  livelink is  faster and it  is the browser IE that makes many things slow.Now that 9.7.1 is end of life for OT OT is giving the thumbs down for such customers.

Here’s where the power of oscript and especially people who understand them and make value for their customers come in

TADA    Enter Kingley Wesley  ,   a.k.a  W   a bright young programmer who shows very good promise.He interacts with livelink world of programmers and on chances I have given him tidbits of advice here and there but  this is good stuff and thanks for allowing me to share this unselfishly.

His oscript module for doing that is here—–

For people who want to program in oscript his approaches can be analyzed for code study as well

Note in his ZIP file is support for Remote Cache  as well.If you don’t use it don’t put it and also when he says With RCS it means Remote Cache Services and not the Runtime & Core Services conundrum.


3 thoughts on “Chrome and Livelink 9.7.1

  1. Hi Appu,

    Not sure if this is still relevant but just in case. Another way to overcome the Chrome / LL971 download problem without installing server-side code is to use the tool LL Navigator. This is an HTML5 application that runs in the browser (i.e. only html+JavaScript) and allows users to download files from Livelink 9.7 systems with the proper names (also caters for multiple . characters and other problem characters like / ). It allows for downloading multiples files using parallel processes and it also allows uploading of folders/files to Livelink 9.7 using drag and drop. See for further details.

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