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How to use WCF Livelink web services to create a quasi single sign on or login with cookie equivalent of lapi

Recently OT Dev said that don’t really spend time on the Search SOAP service but use the Restful search API that has been there all along these years. Since almost everything in livelink is served off a URL one of … Continue reading

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Link to Creating RESTful web services in livelink

This is a very good article very insightful for people like me who don’t really¬† understand hyped up words¬† in use. http://ednortonengineeringsociety.blogspot.com/2009/08/creating-restful-web-services-with.html People at OT has said that their plan is to support web services ,oscript and RESTful So I … Continue reading

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HTTPS with Webservices in Livelink

Contrary to stuff that I do this post is basically something I hacked together to make it work.I must have received at least 50 emails for several web services questions.In the absence of OT providing good easy to understand hand … Continue reading

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