Useful Hidden URL’s

OT hides many useful URL’s without providing much documentation an effort to codify what is available there

admin.testargshttp://localhost/OTCS/llisapi.dll?func=admin.testargs&helpSA function that can tell you who the user is particularly helpful in debugging authentication.Also can be used to find memory leaks.REMOTE_USER will show up if the webserver has IWA enabled.
admin.threadstatushttp://localhost/OTCS/llisapi.dll?func=admin.threadstatuscan find the status of each running thread also a good way to know if a big web report is running or dead in its tracks 🙂
func=Admin.RebuildAncestors builds both DTreeAncestors and DBrowseAncestors tables
func=Admin.RebuildAncestors&target=DTAbuilds DTreeAncestors only
func=Admin.RebuildAncestors&target=DBAbuilds DBrowseAncestors only
func=attributes.dumpshows a table wise listing of category data structures.Many people do not know that CATS are a Data Structure in a filing system.I added one or two lines in that code to actually print out more info.Many organizations will use this utility to create tables that can be queried by integrators. Suggested by John Simon
Columns Customization Command Configure Container Options-somewhere hidden in there is a Customization if the check box for Enable browse list column customization is not present you are stuck?func=admin.navigationconfigOT is on a spree to hide anything that people knew ,they remove working links old posts and what not I keep forgetting administration URL’s

SOAPUI says <ErrorMessage>Cannot determine the workspace template for business object type ‘Item’, business object ID ’11R22.5GT-7:SET1′. (\OTCS16\logs\, thread 1)</ErrorMessage>
In the Configure Business Object if you don’t provide a Workspace Template .GUI will work but SOAP will fail
Default Document Typefunc=doctemplates.configureDocTemplates

4 thoughts on “Useful Hidden URL’s

    1. the POST is not about hiding by OT over time they change things around and one has a hard time finding things…

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