Demise of


Years of developer activity retired…. Just like that

How would a developer who does not have access to KB find anything informative?

Is that intentional?

Why wouldn’t  OT give out a fair warning to migrate content for content owners?

Much of code I kept for public consumption was here

So if anybody is looking for that write me I will try to find from local copies




13 thoughts on “Demise of

  1. I just discovered your blog and was excite to see there were code samples. For the past few days I was getting a server error at Communities. I called support and they had no clue why. Today I tried and got the “Communities Closed” message.

    I would greatly appreciate a new location for your code samples if possible.

    1. I was not methodical in my approach so have very little original content.Most of the LAPI samples are useless now because OT does not want developers using the old code.In my spare time I will try to replace links pointing to communities to other systems.I have to see if wordpress has a place but the greater loss is apart from programming this was a treasure trove of OT related information.I guess OT is trying hard to get into a full subscription model.It is just sad that such a great company and such great product their approach to developers are so myopic.

  2. To me it looks like OT is trying to limit access to their (past and free) documentation and it is slowly trying to get us used to the fact that if we want extensive help or documentation we just need to pay for that. Even the new documentation that they are releasing is lightweight with respect to the previous one. Months ago I was also able to get meaningful answers in my tickets, while now they simply reply with useless information and point me to their paid support team.

  3. The communities site contained a lot of useful information which was still relevant. Decommissioning the communities sites is the loss of all of these knowledge. All of these were community generated KB and community should have been involved before closing it.

    Such events will force developers to move to alternate forums like Tek-Tips and Linkedin groups, because no one is going to pay to access the community generated knowledge.

  4. I am slowly getting it.Now they are touting REST API as the be all end all approaches for anything in OT products.Still a lot of REST API questions are un answered in I am not sure if it is a free site or not.So what this means really to me is a)If there is something en masse to be done use the REST API and use a programmer who knows javascript b)If the functionality is not there ask for an enhancement or code using WR/Activeview *kludges* or pay somebody at OT c)It may not be far off before Oscript is kind of out of bounds for non OT folks.I am just gonna not answer any more questions at KB and I am gonna remove all the stuff I posted in KB as well.It is better they remain in public domain.

    1. I do agree. It looks like they are pushing external consultants to use web services and are discouraging, in any ways, Oscript customization. Lack of documentation is the first step towards this “migration”.

  5. Hi there,
    OpenText migrated the valuable information and ideas to the Knowledge Center prior to closing the site. Please contact if there was information that was not migrated. We appreciate the feedback regarding publicly-available technical communities.

    1. That is not correct.Communities had WIKI’s generated by developers like me(appu nair,appnair,knair,, (several name handles for me) greg griffiths,BKQC and a lot of others “.In an earlier attempt OT removed the LAPI WIKI.I re-created it from my local copy.I can understand OT’s reluctance in people knowing about yester year implementations but the code and walk through s probably would have helped new comers onto this software.My reckoning is OT livelink is doomed because of OT’s severe reluctance in providing good quality samples and advising people to pay for OT professional services.Just have a look at the different DEVELOPER WIKI’s.If Microsoft,Oracle ,SAP or EMC said the same thing about snippets and examples how would the dev forum’s react.As I said to the other poster I have saved local content and I can replace them.Do not think that RESTAPI is the be all end all for all things livelink is concerned.

      1. I agree, as I am one of those that could be helped greatly with more code samples than I can source from the KC. I am a long term proponent of OpenText and have been exclusively supporting OpenText clients for the past 15 years. The type of work I do calls on me to perform in areas were I am not the expert, such as coding. The samples are vital for me to quickly build a solution. I am not necessarily looking to be SME for a coding solution. If so, I would pay for OT training, as I have for other areas such as OTCSA to name the most recent.

        I would implore that OT republish the past work that has now gone missing. Keep it in a community that is controlled by OT with login, but make it available. Your clients and supporters need it.

  6. Thank you for this discussion. We have available without a support plan. The content was migrated to the Knowledge Center over a year ago, including notices to owners – I will contact those that have reported missing content. The OpenText Support team plans on improving our community options in the near future, so any feedback is invaluable.

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