3 thoughts on “Customizing to put your company stuff in CS10

  1. Hi Appu,

    I used the option 2 to modify the image.
    Can you tell me how can I modify the tool tip and URL redirection to Enterprise Workspace.By default its Personal Workspace.Which JS file of weblingo file do I need to modify.


    1. I could not understand what you are asking as far as CS10 or livelink is concerned each user can set /his her preference on the start page and there is a setting that reads Enterprise.Home actually two when you install livelink by default in its opentext.ini.Now this would come into play only if somebody just typed the entry to the script with absolutely nothing after that.Anything after the script is understood/parsed by livelink to a suitable dispatch method and the user is sent if he/she is permitted to go there.I also have no idea what the tooltip stuff is it is probably much more answerable by any user who understand ajax/json/jquery much better than me.

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