What Pray is Enterprise Library

Stuff from my old BLOG  ARCHIVED – Livelink Rocks– GlobalStar ECM Champ Appu

After I posted this when I look OT has basically introduced more java based code streams especially the module Directory Services is being offered in the realm of RCS.If and when I need to get into OTDS I will post my experiences

In a nut shell both livelink and archive server are not written in java.However in a situation where SAP has to export/import documents or make visible an archived document  which was done using the GOS capabilities of SAP perhaps with the intents of putting a Records Management classification  or maybe get people in SAP a collaborative workspace as in livelink this comes into play.The solution is referred as Extended ECM. For this to work the main plumbing is

SAP to Archive Server using ECMlink  (Archive link is still there I am not sure if they are one and the same)

Livelink to Archive server using Archive Storage provider

RCS(Run Time & Core Services) Lots and lots of helper java code to interact with livelink and archive server

For SAP code to create/declare objects within livelink they will send their requests to a high level wrapper.The wrapper has the code to create livelink type items,such as documents,folders etc.A enterprise library objects is nothing but a livelink object with a livelink category.From SAP and their consultants call it with a different name.Also in a ELS scenario all objects are created within a separate section(volume) like the Enterprise Data Source.Typically for integrating a SAP SID the livelink team uses RCS (the high level wrapper code on Tomcat). When an Application is created in livelink you will see a new data source  by that name.

As a programmer if you have RCS and livelink setup you can actually run code in any language using the examples provided by OT.Note this is not the same as Enterprise Web Services or Content web services that one writes to do something against livelink.

Tha actual ECM deployment is very/highly complicated so please make sure  you understand all the moving parts and players.

Getting ELS accepted will need some help

Posted by anair@alitek.com on 07/09/2010 12:04 PM Functions
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OT has embraced ELS or Enterprise Library services as  a very cool paradigm for integrating perhaps disparate software systems.The main products in the mix are Livelink and Archive.Even though both products are OT many livelink admins including me would not necssarily know the Archive side(although I am much better at it it).The ELS install documentation is a gargantuan deal and clearly many people trying it out the first time may have a difficult time.I encourage people to ask around,keeping their inhibitions to themselves and usually will get help from the community.I answered a recent KB post on ELS and I published my cheat sheet on it as well.I enclose a link thinking that it may help a potential livelink or ELS admin some day.https://knowledge.opentext.com/knowledge/llisapi.dll?func=ll&objId=17841798&objAction=download

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