Love all,

Taking a sick day from work as project is really getting onto my nerves and have to blame the economy because won’t find anything better.Had a big fight with email and phone with my site manager so found myself doing nothing and all gloomy.But alas all is not lost.I had brought all our old 78/33/45 records from India so what better to do than to listen to them and record them.Already broke a turntable trying to get audio out of it( I have not lost it despite the years,the stupid makers did not provide audio out on it so I thought I could tap into the speakers,the rest is history).Bought a new one from amazon that plugs in to your USB. The recording software albeit has noise corrections but when I applied it the whole song was gone.The software thinks Yesudas is Noise!!!!

I have put the raw recordings Jeevanil & Vaadikozhingu as links here.enjoy.if I get lucky may well clean up the noise a swell.